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Auto Shop: How to Choose a Window Tint

Auto Shop Window Tint

Getting Window Tint at an Auto Shop

Drivers choose window tint for different reasons; personal style, to escape the heat, or for privacy. Whatever your reason for tinting, it’s good to have an idea about the type of window tint you want on your vehicle, and where it’s going. At Terry’s Auto and Towing, we provide tinting services at our auto shop in a variety of shades, with options for placement and UV protection.

So how do you choose your tint style, and where to get it done? Here are a few tips for your choosing your tint, and remember to come to our auto shop to get the job done right.

Obeying the Window Tint Laws

The first step to choosing your window tint is deciding where it should go, and making certain you follow state laws. Some states allow for tint to be all over, while others have regulations regarding the level of tint on back and front windows. In the state of Missouri, window tint is allowed to be placed along the top border of the windshield, so long as it is non-reflective. The rear side windows can be tinted to any degree of darkness, while the front side windows must allow more than 35% of light in.

The law does allow for additional front window tinting in cases of medical safety requirements. Individuals who wish to tint more than the above-stated amount must apply for a window tinting permit through the Missouri State Highway Patrol, with a doctor’s prescription for the tint.

To Spend or Not to Spend

Not all window tinting costs are the same, so determining a budget will give your auto shop a better chance at creating a tint package that suits your spending cap. Things to consider when budgeting are whether you want to add UV reflection to block harmful rays from the sun, as well as the type of tint you want the shop to use. Just as there are different brands of paint, there are different brands of tint, and high-quality product will cost more than the generic stuff.

The difference in price is seen most when choosing between dyed film, which is cheapest, and nano carbon ceramic film, which offers a higher level of heat protection, while still looking cool, and being fade resistant. At our auto shop, we use products which we know and trust to ensure that our clients get the best service every time, without breaking the bank.

Types of Tint

Tint usually falls into two categories, non-reflective and metallized film. As mentioned above, metallized, or reflective film, is not legal in all states, but where it is, some people choose it because of its ability to provide high levels of privacy while also reflecting light and heat from the sun. Non-reflective film tints are also designed to keep the car cool and block strong rays from the eyes of passengers, but it works and looks differently than its metallic counterpart.

Come to Our Auto Shop

For more information on window tint options, or to ask about our other auto shop services, contact us today. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing offers 24/7 roadside assistance, as well as flat tire repair, and motorcycle towing.

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