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Little-Known Causes That Can Lead to Flat Tire Repair

Person doing flat tire repair

Monitoring These Items Can Prevent Flat Tire Repair

Getting a flat tire seems to be everyone’s least favorite inconvenience to deal with as they typically come unexpectedly and can sometimes leave you helpless on the road. Sharp objects penetrating the surface of your tire are among the most common reasons for why you would need flat tire repair. However, sometimes your tires progressively lose air without you even knowing it. How can this happen? At Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, we compiled a list of little-known ways in which your tires can deflate.


Leakage from your tires can come from your valve stem or at the intersection of the tire bead. If your valve stem is worn and starting to lose its strength, air can slowly escape from the tire, progressively extracting a substantial amount of air pressure. Additionally, air can slip away through the worn sealing of the tire bead, also causing a systematic decrease in pressure. An easy way to check if air is being released from these regions is to apply water with a bit of dish soap along the valve stem and/or bead sealing. If bubbles form as a result of air being released, then you most likely are experiencing some leakage. Periodically examining these areas on your tires can help prevent an unexpected flat tire when it’s least favorable. If you happen to see some areas of concern, Terry’s Auto Service flat tire repair can provide an easy restoration.

Hot Temperatures

The possibility of your tires bursting because of heat becomes increasingly prominent during the summer months, so it is important to regularly monitor your tire pressure when temperatures are rising. Increased heat can cause the air inside of your tires to expand, which may ultimately cause your tire to burst if there is too much force. A rule of thumb is to add 1 pound of pressure for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit that the temperature increases. Keeping this system in mind can help prevent a massive flat tire repair in the case of a burst.

Lack of Rotation

Neglecting to care for the overall state of your tires can also contribute to gradual leaking. If your tires are not rotated or replaced when they need to be, overwearing can occur, causing the probability of a flat tire to increase. A safe process to follow is to rotate your tires every other oil change, which is typically around 6,000 miles. Keeping up with the constant care of your vehicle can help prevent the need for an unanticipated flat tire repair.

Contact Terry’s Auto Service and Towing for More on Causes Leading to Flat Tire Repair

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you have no choice but to bring your car in for a flat tire repair. Nevertheless, being attentive to these three elements can help prevent a gradual tire deflation and the need to visit the auto shop. Contact us at 417-866-1400 for more information on tire care or any other automotive-related questions you may have.

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