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Auto Shop Tips: When and When Not to Use Cruise Control

Hand pressing cruise control button in car in auto shop

When Our Auto Shop Experts Suggest Using Cruise Control

Using cruise control on your vehicle can come with many benefits such as increased fuel efficiency and an opportunity for relaxation on the road. However, many people do not properly understand when and when not this feature should be utilized. At Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, we’ve gathered some auto shop tips to share with you about when is the appropriate time to take advantage of cruise control.

DO NOT USE: In Traffic

Attempting to turn on cruise control while driving on a roadway filled with cars is a disaster waiting to happen. Activating cruise control essentially removes your control of the throttle for a brief period, so relying on the automation of your vehicle to press the gas can be very dangerous if other automobiles are around you. Terry’s Auto Service and Towing recommends making sure you have full control of your car when navigating through traffic, or else you may have a collision and have to visit our auto shop.

DO NOT USE: When You’re Tired

Setting the cruise control while you’re driving home late at night may seem like a tempting idea, but the steadiness and lack of effort on your part can contribute to the ability to drift away from your surroundings and become distracted. If you are tired, our auto shop stresses how important it is to remain attentive and not succumb to any other urges that may cause increased relaxation. Doing so may cause you to fall asleep on the road and get involved in a serious accident, and we would hate to see that happen. What’s more, it is important to be cautious of driving in general while you are fatigued as you may be a hazard to other motorists. If you’re having trouble staying awake, park somewhere safe and take a nap. Better to be safe than sorry.

DO NOT USE: During Bad Weather

When weather conditions get nasty, it is yet again vital to make sure you have as much control of your vehicle as possible. If the streets are slippery and visibility is low, the last thing you need is for your vehicle to be controlling itself. Our auto shop suggests driving at reduced speeds with occasional uses of the throttle in order to control your speed.

DO USE: On the Open Highway

Ahhh, finally an opportunity where we can activate this bad boy. The open road is essentially the perfect time to take advantage of the cruise control so as to minimize any irregular increases in speed that may take away from your fuel efficiency. As always though, you must remember to still steer your car as you utilize this feature. Once again, if any sort of element may be contributing to the need for your increased control of your automobile, our auto shop strongly advises deactivating the feature.

Contact Terry’s Auto Service and Towing for More Auto Shop Tips

Contact us at 417-866-1400, or visit our auto shop in Springfield, Missouri, for more information on all the features of your vehicle.

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