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RV Services

At Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, we’re perhaps best known for our quality, affordable towing. But we’re much more than that; we’re an auto shop as well. As such, we have the ability to take care of any car maintenance or services you need. And while this is true of any car you have, it’s also true of RVs.

RV Services at Terry’s Auto Shop

Below are the various RV services we offer here at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing.

Engine Swaps

An engine swap is essentially what it sounds like – a replacement of the current engine with another one. It is typically done because the pre-existing engine has failed, or it has become outdated and the owner is seeking a more modern, powerful or fuel efficient one.

Transmission Swaps

This is a replacement of the current transmission with another one. Similar to an engine swap, it’s often done because the transmission has failed or the owner is seeking an upgrade. That, or the owner wants to switch from automatic to manual (or vice versa).

Front/Back Suspension

RVs are heavy. And over time, that takes a toll on the vehicle’s suspension. For that reason, we offer both front and back suspension service. Suspect your RV is riding low, or no longer has the suspension it once did? Stop by Terry’s Auto Shop.


You probably already know we offer car towing services, but we also offer RV towing services. With Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, you can be sure that we’re up to the task – no matter how big or small the RV.


Batteries are vital to any vehicle. But when it comes to RVs, a reliable battery is even more important. Fortunately, we provide a number of different batteries, suitable for a wide range of RVs.

Tune Ups

Getting ready to take the family on a cross country road trip? Before you head out, make sure your RV is in the best condition possible. Take it to the experts at Terry’s Auto Shop for a tune up.


In addition to the services listed above, our auto shop also provide starters, alternators, fuel filters, belts and hoses, wheels and tires, brakes, general maintenance and more.


Continue to browse our website to learn more about our RV services. Have a question? Give us a call. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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