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What is Flat Tire Repair and Do I Need it?

Flat Tire Repair Needs

Defining Flat Tire Repair

Tires are made to be durable; they roll over rocks, ride through water, and survive potholes, but even the best wheel suffers damage from time to time. At Terry’s Auto and Towing, we’ve seen plenty of punctured tires give their owners an extended life following a visit to a flat tire repair center. Using specialized tools, a mechanic can help prevent a flat, and provide your wheel with a new lease on life. These solutions aren’t permanent, but they will help prevent the need for immediate action in terms of replacements and flat tire repair.

Signs of a Leak

Sometimes a punctured tire isn’t as noticeable to spot as you might think. Due to the design and material of your tires, a leak could take days or weeks to result in a full flat. For this reason, it’s important to pay close attention to the signs that your car gives you. Is it making odd noises on one side, rocking or shaking, or squealing on turns that wouldn’t normally be problematic? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could have a wheel with low air pressure.

Checking your air pressure regularly, and responding to signs of a leak right away will help your flat tire repair job last longer. We also recommend checking tires for unusual marks, deep grooves, rocks, glass, nails, or any other debris that could have become lodged in the tread before and after a long drive.

Patches and Plugs for Flat Tire Repair

Once you’ve spotted a leak, what do you do about it? There are many DIY patch kits that you can purchase online or through an auto parts shop, but we at Terry’s Auto and Towing, suggest taking your flat tire repair job to a professional. While the kits might be cheaper, or seem like a quick fix, they may not hold up to the wear and tear of regular driving as well as a patch from a mechanic will.

There are usually two options for fixing a puncture if you’re hoping to save your tire. This means either patching with an external adhesive, or plugging with a mushroom shaped tool which keeps air from escaping. An experienced professional will usually suggest using both methods at once for the best results.

Patch jobs will vary in price from shop to shop, but are an affordable option in comparison to the purchase of a brand new tire.

Come to Terry’s Auto Repair and Towing for Your Auto Needs

For more information on Terry’s Auto and Towing, and our flat tire repair services, contact us today. For everything from a patch to a full tire replacement, we always make sure our clients leave with a long-lasting solution. Terry’s is committed to the safety of our customers, which means that we take each job as seriously as if it were for our own family’s vehicle. Check out the Terry’s Auto Service & Towing for a list of other services.

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