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Motorcycle Towing: How to Stay Safe on the Road

Motorcycle Towing and Staying Safe

Staying Safe so You Won’t Need Motorcycle Towing

If you want to avoid calling a motorcycle towing company, you need to take care on the roads. Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, and while they’re quick to steer, trucks and cars are not. For a look at how to stay safe on your bike, check out these 4 simple guidelines.

Wear the Right Outfit for the Trip

The weather is warming up, which makes it perfect for heading out on the open road. The trouble is, many riders are tempted to wear shorts and t-shirts on hot days, and enjoy the feeling of the wind against their skin to cool off. While this might feel good in the moment, it offers very little protection between your skin and the friction of the rough pavement below.

Motorcycle drivers should invest in proper riding attire, whether you choose to go all out and purchase professional biking gear with reinforced fabric, or you decide on the standard of jeans or leather, your skin will thank you. Of course, thick fabric won’t save your life in an accident. Your helmet is also an essential part of your riding attire. By dressing appropriately, we at Terry’s Auto and Towing, hope that the only time you need to call for motorcycle towing is because of a minor breakdown.

Drive Defensively

As a smaller vehicle, you need to keep your eyes on surrounding drivers at all times. It can be especially difficult for large commercial trucks to spot you when you ride in front or behind. Remember that it takes them a lot longer to brake than you, so if you’re following behind, don’t get too close.

Many communities offer defensive driving courses, which help to arm you with the practice necessary to avoid collisions which could be caused in real life. This is a great way to assure yourself that there won’t be a need for motorcycle towing in the future.

Check the Weather Before Riding

Even with the best tires on your bike, bad weather can get the best of you. Spring has sprung, and with it, all the ice and snow has finally melted away, but driving in the rain poses challenges too. Slippery roads and an unclear view make it difficult to maneuver your way safely through busy traffic areas.

Before heading out for a long trip, check the weather report. If things look like they could get bad outside, consider taking the car, rather than the bike for the day. If you do drive your motorcycle, keep your eyes on the road, take your time, dress for the weather, and pull over if things get bad.


No matter how long you’ve been driving, there’s always more to learn. Refresh your skills with a course now and then, and take your bike out for long practice sessions in areas where there are fewer drivers to interfere with your skill building. Practice may not make perfect, but it will certainly help you avoid the need of a motorcycle towing company.

Trust Terry’s Auto for Your Motorcycle Towing

For more information on motorcycle towing, and other services offered by Terry’s Auto Service & Towing, contact us today!

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