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Trust a Professional with Roadside Assistance for Semi-Trucks

Roadside Assistance for Semi-Trucks Should be Handled by Professional

Semi-Truck that Needs Roadside Assistance

If your semi-truck breaks down on the side of the road, you want a trained professional to be the one who fixes it. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing offers roadside assistance and towing for semi-trucks. We know how to handle semi-trucks, and we have the heavy duty equipment that is needed to tow them. Don’t trust a service that doesn’t specifically offer semi-truck services; otherwise, you might end up with more problems than you started with. Read on for several reasons as to why you should choose Terry’s Auto Service & Towing for your semi-truck roadside assistance needs.

The Proper Equipment

One of the biggest reasons Terry’s Auto Service & Towing is the right choice for semi-truck roadside assistance is our equipment. When you tow a semi-truck, you need a ton of power. The wrong vehicle or towing equipment can falter. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing has the best and most powerful equipment to make sure your semi-truck is transported safely.

Trained Technicians

Another great aspect of Terry’s Auto Service & Towing is the fact that we have an auto shop for your repair needs. We can tow your semi-truck to our auto shop, have our amazing technicians assess the damages, and give you a shuttle ride to home or work if you need it. We specialize in customer satisfaction and comprehensive roadside assistance services. This is just another reason that semi-truck drivers choose Terry’s Auto Service & Towing when they need help with their vehicle. We’re a towing company they can trust to handle their semi-truck.

Excellent Service

We dedicate ourselves to offering efficient and excellent service to our customers. We know it’s important to get you truck back on the road, so we make sure to offer you roadside assistance as fast as possible. We are known for our customer satisfaction, so you know you’re in good hands when you contact Terry’s Auto Service & Towing.

Let Terry’s Auto Service & Towing Give You Roadside Assistance

Here at Terry’s Auto Service & Towing, we are the go to roadside assistance service for semi-truck drivers because we know what to do. We know your truck is your livelihood, so we don’t mess around when making sure it gets the proper tow and service that it needs.

We also offer towing and roadside assistance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs. If you’re in need of repairs, we have an auto shop to take care of those needs as well. We pride ourselves on great customer service and satisfaction. Contact Terry’s Auto Service & Towing today if you need more information or view our website to learn more.

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