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Auto Shop Advice: Signs You Need New Brakes

auto shop replacing car brakes

Auto Shop: How to Know You Need New Brakes

Cars are great! They help us get to work, visit friends and family, and many other things. Keeping up with your vehicle maintenance by taking it in to your local auto shop will ensure that your car will be useful for years to come. One of the many elements to your vehicle that will need to be replaced over time are the brakes. The auto shop team at Terry’s Auto Service & Towing has gathered a few of the most common signs of wearing brakes so you can know when to take your car to the auto shop.

Your Car is Pulling

Your car will show many indications that your brakes need replacement. If you press the brakes and you can feel the car pulling to one side or the other, that can be a sign that your brakes are not just worn but worn unevenly. This can also be a sign of something foreign in your brake fluid. If you feel a pull to one side when you brake, make an appointment at your auto shop to determine the cause.

The Brakes are Grinding or Screeching

Nothing is a better indication that something is wrong with your brakes than a grinding or screeching sound when you try to slow your car. If you hear these types of noises when you are braking, you probably need new brake pads. It is important to get the brakes fixed before the sound gets worse. Waiting too long can result in damage to the braking system of your car.

The Brake Pads Look Worn

Another good indicator that you need to head to your local auto shop for some brake work is the appearance of your brake pads. You should be able to see the brake pads on your car through the wheel’s spokes. If the pad is less than ¼ of an inch thick, you will need to get the brake pads replaced.

The Brake Pedal is Vibrating

When you brake, it should be a fairly smooth feeling. If you press down on the brake pedal and it feels like it is vibrating or pulsating, that is a good indicator that you need to take your vehicle to the auto shop. The vibrations are caused by worn brakes and should be fixed before the brake pads get completely worn through and cause damage to other parts of the brakes.

Advice from a Springfield, Mo Auto Shop

If you are looking for a local auto shop for your car service needs, check us out at Terry’s Auto Service & Towing! Our experienced team will help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. We also provide car towing services and roadside assistance. Check out our website today for more information!

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