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Terry’s Auto Service and Towing: Common Flat Tire Causes

Terry's Auto Service and Towing flat tire causes

Flat Tire Answers from Terry’s Auto Service and Towing

At Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, we know how frustrating a flat tire can be. Many times, flat tires feel like they come out of nowhere and leave you stuck on the side of the road seeking out a towing service or flat tire repair from a company like Terry’s Auto Service and Towing. While sometimes flat tires happen out of nowhere, there are several noticeable causes of flat tires. Terry’s Auto Service and Towing has gathered some of the most common flat tire causes.

Puncture Holes

Roads and parking lots are often homes to all kinds of different debris. Sometimes that debris ends up in your tire, causing a puncture hole in your tire. Common items that can cause puncture holes are nails, industrial staples, and screws. Glass typically is not strong enough to put a hole in the tire, but it can damage the tread and damage the structural integrity of the tire.

If the nail or other debris gets dislodged from your tire, it can cause a slow leak. You will know if your tire has a slow leak if you put air in your tire and it loses the PSI quickly afterward. If that happens, it may be able to be taken care of by a flat tire repair shop like Terry’s Auto Service and Towing.

Sidewall Damage

Sidewall damage is another common flat tire cause. This type of damage is not fixable through flat tire repair and will require the tire to be replaced. Sidewall damage separates the layers on the sides of the tire that allow for flexibility and movement.

The most common cause of sidewall damage on your tire is a curb. Taking a turn too fast and scraping the tire on the curb can damage the tire’s sidewall. Sidewall damage can also cause your tire to blow out and could occur suddenly.

Flat Tire Repair at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing

Some tire damage can be repaired, but you shouldn’t do it yourself. To ensure that the repair is done correctly and your tire can still function correctly, you should take it to an auto shop that specializes in flat tire repair.

If you need flat tire repair, check us out at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing. We offer a variety of other services as well, including roadside assistance and 24 hour towing. We would love to be your go-to auto shop and towing service. Check out all the services we offer on the Terry’s Auto Service and Towing website!

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