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Auto Shop Advice: Winter Weather Car Kits

winter weather car kit advice from auto shop

DIY Winter Weather Car Kit Auto Shop Advice

Winter weather is tough on your vehicle. Heavy ice and snow are extremely dangerous conditions to drive in. If you get stuck in a snow drift during a blizzard, it may take a while for a roadside assistance auto shop to get to you in your vehicle. One way you can prepare for this situation is by having a winter weather car emergency kit in your car. The auto shop at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing has some suggestions to help you make the best winter weather emergency car kit.

Winter Weather Emergency Car Kit Supplies


Blankets and sleeping bags will help you stay warm while stuck in a snowbank. There are many different options available, depending on the amount of room you have in your kit. Look for a blanket or sleeping bag that can roll up easily and provide optimal warmth.

Food and Water

Food and water will come in handy, especially if you don’t know how long you may be waiting for assistance. Try to pick foods that don’t need to be heated or kept cool. Trail mixes, crackers, and jerky are good options for food in your winter weather kit. Water will make sure you stay hydrated and alert while you are stuck.

Small Battery Operated Electronics

You may need to conserve your car’s power if you are stuck in a snowbank for a long period of time. In order to maintain contact with the auto shop that is heading to help you, you should keep a battery-operated phone charger with extra batteries to keep your phone functioning.

Other battery-operated supplies can also be helpful. A flashlight can help you see as it gets dark and can work as a beacon for rescue crews as well.

Emergency Signal Supplies

Emergency signal supplies like road flares and reflective markers will help roadside assistance to be able to find your vehicle. Contact your local auto shop for suggestions on what to use.

Cat Litter

If you lose control of your car but don’t get stuck in a deep snowbank, cat litter can come in handy. Spreading it under your tires can help your car get traction and get you back on the road.

Springfield, MO Auto Shop

After creating your winter weather emergency car kit, don’t store it in your trunk. Our auto shop suggests keeping the kit on the passenger side or in the backseat. Storing the kit in one of these locations means you will have easy access if you end up stranded and you don’t have to exit your car until help arrives.

If you are in need of a reliable auto shop in the Springfield area, check us out at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing! Our auto shop specializes in flat tire repair, roadside assistance, and 24 hour towing. For more information about the services we offer, check out the Terry’s Auto Service and Towing website today!

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