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Auto Shop Advice: How to Prevent Common Winter Car Accidents

winter accident avoidance advice from an auto shop

Auto Shop: Avoiding Winter Car Accidents

Our customers are like family, which is why Terry’s Auto Service and Towing wants you to stay safe this holiday season. Winter conditions cause icy roads, snow buildup around tires, and poor visibility. To reduce the chance of an accident this year, look at these auto shop tips on prevention.

Auto Shop Tip 1: Don’t Break Abruptly

Ice is unforgiving, and your car is going to slide whether you brake slow or brake fast; the difference is in your stopping time. By decelerating slowly before a stop, you give your car less momentum as it hits an icy patch. This means that even if you slide, you won’t go far, and you’ll find it easier to take back control of the vehicle. If you hit a patch of ice head on and try to brake, you will keep going and may cause an accident.

Auto Shop Tip 2: Check the Weather and the Windshield

One of the major instigators of cold weather traffic accidents, as seen by this auto shop, is poor visibility. You can monitor rain and snow by keeping an eye on the daily weather report before heading out on the open road. If you do have to drive in the snow, be sure that your windshield has been properly cleaned of ice and snow, and that the wipers are in working order.

Auto Shop Tip 3: Inspect and Upgrade

It may not be the best time to spend money, right before the holidays, but sometimes a few upgrades are necessary to prevent accidents on the road. Before the winter weather hits, Terry’s Auto Service and Towing suggests new winter tires with an appropriate level of tread to take on the ice and snow. Having a rust coat in place before roads are salted will also protect your vehicle from further damage throughout the winter. Finally, be sure that brakes are tested and true. If they are slipping, squealing, or feeling a little worse for wear, have them replaced before the ice and snow hits.

Auto Shop Tip 4: Keep Your Tire Pressure Up

Cold air causes your tire pressure to decrease naturally, a little is fine, but a lot could hurt your tires and cause an accident. During your pre-winter inspection have your tires tested and filled. When your tires are full they are better able to face obstacles that the roads throw their way, not to mention, your winter tire tread will perform more efficiently.

For more information on our auto shop, roadside assistance, or how to prepare your car for winter, call Terry’s Auto Service and Towing today!

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