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Tips From the Auto Shop: What Does It Mean If Your Engine is Smoking

Auto Shop Car Engine Smoking

What does a smoking car engine mean? There are a few things to know about engine smoke. Call Terry’s Auto Service if your car is having engine troubles.

Auto Shop Advice: What To Do When Your Engine Is Smoking?

You’re driving along the road and your car begins to smoke out of the engine compartment. This can be a very scary situation, especially when you’re not sure what the engine smoke could mean. If this happens to you, stay calm and take a deep breath. Typically engine smoke doesn’t translate to a dangerous situation, but continuing to drive with the problem could be bad for your vehicle. There are a few different things that engine smoke can point to, and having some knowledge might help you better describe your situation to an auto shop.

Engine Smoke Colors and What They Mean

Usually smoke comes out of an engine in three distinct colors. These colors can help identify what your particular problem might be. The colors that usually come out of a smoking engine are black or gray, blue, and white.

Black or gray smoke usually will indicate that your fuel is not combusting completely. This can be caused by any number of issues and it’s best to let a professional auto shop figure out where this issue is originating. Typically, black smoke usually comes out of diesel engines that are having issues. It’s not unheard of for black or gray smoke to come out of a car with a gasoline engine, but it’s a bit more rare.

Blue smoke could mean that your engine oil is burning. This could be caused by oil leaking. Damage or wear to your cylinders or pistons can also cause blue smoke. This is something that is easily fixed by an auto shop. Sometimes telling the difference between blue and white smoke can be difficult, depending on the lighting. That’s another reason that having a professional auto shop take care of your issue is the safest way to ensure the wellbeing of your vehicle.

Finally, white smoke could mean your coolant or water is being vaporized in the combustion chamber. Sometimes this is caused by your engine being too cold, but sometimes there is a more serious underlying repair needed.

What Your Local Auto Shop Can Do To Help

Regardless of the color smoke coming out of your vehicle, contacting a car towing service is usually the best option. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing can bring your vehicle to their auto shop and find the best solution to repair your vehicle. So, next time your car starts smoking, relieve yourself of the stress and let Terry’s Auto Service & Towing to take care of everything.

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