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Flat Tire Repair vs. Tire Replacement

This car needs a flat tire repair

Do I Need a Flat Tire Repair or Replacement?

At Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, we see our fair share of tires. Some of these only need a flat tire repair and can be salvaged for future use, which saves in the cost of an entirely new tire. Others are not so lucky, and a flat tire repair isn’t always possible. So, how do you know when you can repair vs. replace?

Prompt Intervention for Flat Tire Repair

The first real indicator as to whether you can save a tire is based on how quickly you notice the issue and begin to deal with it. Tires which are driven on while not fully inflated receive more friction from the road; this causes scuffing and additional damage to the rubber. Once a certain amount of damage has been incurred, your tire won’t be fully functional again, even after it is repaired and refilled.

If you notice any difference in your tire, take it to a garage straight away. It’s far less costly to pay for flat tire repair when possible.

How Many Repairs Have You Had?

Once you notice the damage, you will also need to consider the number of repairs that the tire has had in the past. Industry standards differ from brand to brand, but most allow for a maximum of two repairs before the tire is considered ineffective. You will also find that these two repairs must be within a certain distance from each other. Damage near an area which has received damage in the past will weaken that entire region of the tire and could cause an accident during use.

Flat Tire Repair Depends on Depth of Damage

Just as there is an industry standard for how many repairs can be made, there is a standard for the depth of damage which can be repaired. Again, this can differ by brand, but generally, you will find that the rule is ¼” in diameter within the tread. Any deeper than this and the repair may not hold, which could be cause for an accident.

Making the Decision to Buy or Repair

In the end, so long as your tire falls within all the above-mentioned guidelines, it is your decision to repair or buy new. A flat tire repair is an attractive option because it often saves money when compared to a new purchase. It is also important to consider the benefits of a new tire, and the extended life it brings to the vehicle before another replacement will be required.

Before replacing or repairing, speak to a professional about whether your vehicle will need one or all four tires replaced at the same time. For more information on flat tire repair, and our auto shop, call Terry’s Auto Service and Towing today!

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