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Common Signs of a Car Towing Scam

Don’t Get Caught in a Car Towing Scam

Watch Out for Car Towing Scams

This might sound like the plot of a movie, but car towing con artists, also known as “tow bandits”, or “bandit tow trucks”, have been known to offer help you’ll wish you hadn’t taken. These scammers will prey on your good nature, offer to fix your vehicle, and then overcharge after you’ve signed the paperwork with your agreement to pay their hefty fees.

Here at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, we want our clients to be covered in any situation, which is why we’re going to tell you just how to spot the good guys from the bad ones, and what to do when you see a scam.

Outrageous Car Towing Prices

A tow company should have a base fee for towing which may include the distance to be travelled, and the cost of the driver’s time, among other factors. Whether your car needs a new strut, a spare tire, or the engine has overheated, the tow should cost the same. It’s the price for repairs that will differ, and those can be concluded by a registered mechanic upon inspection.

Before signing any paperwork, be sure that the total cost is included on the form, and that you receive a copy of the documentation in its entirety.

A Bad Review Online

This is the age of the internet, and with it comes the ability to look up a company on the fly. If a car towing company offers you help in a moment of panic, check the name of the business, the license plate, and do a quick search on your phone. Chances are, if it’s a scam, somebody somewhere has reported them already. If it’s not, you’ll now be able to call the main business line, speak to a company representative and discuss options for payment through insurance.

Pushy Attitudes

A tow driver has offered help, but refuses to give you access to their company information. You decline their help, but they continue to be pushy, trying to force you into an agreement for car towing. This is a sure sign that something fishy is in the air. Every mechanic has a bad day, but being pushy and rude to a customer in need is nobody’s company policy.

If you are worried that you have fallen victim to a car towing scam, or that a tower is trying to scam you, call the police.

For more information on car towing, flat tire repair, or roadside assistance, contact Terry’s Auto Service and Towing today!

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