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Our Auto Shop’s Top Tips for Tire Maintenance

Auto shop worker does tire maintenance

Proper tire maintenance can keep your car running smoothly for as long as possible. Read here for more information about tires from our auto shop experts.

Auto Shop Tire Maintenance Tips

Tires are an essential part of any vehicle and at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, we know they don’t come cheap. So how can you prolong the life of your tires and save money on continuous replacements? Take a look at our top auto shop tips for tire maintenance.

Check Your Air Pressure

Regular pressure checks help to keep your tires rolling properly, which prevents excess damage from occurring. Believe it or not, when your tires become low, your engine needs to work harder to roll your wheels. This can cause some major internal issues and will wear your tires down faster because of the to extra friction.

If you don’t have your own air gauge at home, you can take your car to an auto shop for a check. It is best to perform the check when tires are cool, as it can be dangerous to deflate a hot tire. Tires lose air fairly regularly, depleting by as much as one pound per square inch every thirty days. Check every few months, and especially before making any long road trips to avoid lasting damage.

Proper Suspension Alignment

When your tires are all perfectly lined up they receive less friction against the road and reduce the amount of power put forth by your engine per rotation. A tire can become incorrectly aligned by hitting a pothole or another obstacle on the road. The adjustments will affect the caster, toe, and camber of your tire so that each wheel is properly aligned and ready to drive.

Keep Them Clean

Everybody loves a clean, shiny vehicle, but one area which many drivers tend to neglect are the tires. Cleaning your tires with soapy water or a designated tire cleaner can help retain tread, lower the risk of a flat by way of noticing any marks or tears, and keep your car looking like new.

If you are using a solution other than plain soapy water, consult your local auto shop for advice on which cleaners to use. Some are more aggressive than others and can deteriorate the rubber of your tires.

Rotate Your Tires at an Auto Shop

As you drive, your tires begin to wear. Depending on stance, they may wear more on one side than the other. To keep things uniform and allow for the same level of wear on each side of your tire, we always suggest that our clients rotate regularly.

You can rotate your tire on your own at home or take it to the professionals at an auto shop to have each wheel taken off, turned around, and reconnected. Your manufacturer’s guide may recommend a certain number of rotations per year or miles, but we stick by the standard of rotating every six to eight thousand miles.

For more information on keeping your tires in great shape, or for a closer look at services offered by Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, give us a call today!

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