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Auto Shop Safety and the Move Over Law

Auto shop advice about emergency vehicle move over law

Knowing about the Move Over Law will keep you safe on the road and prevent unnecessary trips to the auto shop. Contact Terry’s Auto for more information.

Auto Shop Safety: Move Over Laws and Regulations

Here at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, we believe in providing our client’s with grade A service on and off the road. Our auto shop wants you to be safe whenever you are on the road. To keep you safe and lower the risk of future fines or injury, we thought it would be a good step in our auto shop safety training initiative to go over the specifics of “Move Over Law”.

Move Over Law

The Move Over Law was first implemented in 1995 in the state of South Carolina, following the injury of a paramedic who had exited his vehicle at a crime scene. Later revised in 2002, the Move Over Law was put in place to protect emergency personnel on the road. This auto shop safety regulation requires motorists to move over by one lane, or if this is not possible, to slow down when passing an emergency vehicle with flashing lights. This includes fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances. In the state of Missouri, Missouri Department of Transportation vehicles are also included in the Move Over Law’s coverage of vehicles that you have to move over or slow down for when they are stopped on the road.

The penalty for breaking the Move Over Law varies from state to state, with California charging a $50 fine, and Arkansas charging up to $500 and 90 days in jail.

Importance of This Auto Shop Safety Tip

The Move Over Law was put in place for the safety of emergency personnel but it also protects civilian motorists on the streets and highways. Police cars, ambulances, and even tow trucks are often opening and closing doors roadside. Vehicles with flashing lights may need to make fast stops, or change lanes quickly. Slowing down and giving the right of way to these cars helps to protect you as a driver, as well as to protect emergency vehicle drivers and passengers.

The number of accidents involving emergency vehicles was on the rise before this auto shop safety law began to take effect across the country. As of 2016, Move Over Law is being implemented in every state except Hawaii, and D.C. It is also used in Canada, and other countries around the world to protect first responders and emergency personnel.

For more information on this auto shop safety tip or to learn about the services offered through Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, feel free to visit the rest of our website or contact us today! A friendly member of our team is always standing by and happy to take your call.

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