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5 Quick Reasons to Choose Terry’s Auto Service and Towing

Reasons to Choose Terry's Auto Service and Towing

Why should you choose Terry’s Auto Service and Towing over other auto shops? We are here to tell you! Read our blog to get an understanding of our services

Reasons to Choose Terry’s Auto Service and Towing

Whether you’re in a pinch and looking for towing near Springfield, MO, or just a vehicle owner that needs regular maintenance to your car, Terry’s Auto Service and Towing is a great solution for you. There are so many reasons that we’re the answer to all of your auto needs, and we’ve listed just a few below.

Terry’s Auto Service and Towing Provides the Following:

24-Hour Towing for ALL

Terry’s Auto Service and Towing has all of the equipment needed and drivers trained to tow any kind of vehicle, from motorcycle towing to cars, trucks, and even 18-wheelers. We are not only equipped to help you but we are also ready to do so 24 hours a day!

Lock-Out Service

We’ve all been in the unfortunate situation where our keys get locked in the car (or at least most of us have). It’s usually at the most inopportune time, too. Terry’s Auto Service and Towing has a team that is trained to unlock any kind of car, regardless of electric windows or side-impact airbags. The wires, internal mechanisms, and workings of car doors are delicate; each of our professionals carries the tools necessary to safely and quickly unlock your car doors without any damage to your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

Not only do we offer wrecking service and 24-hour towing but we also come assist you, wherever you are, when you need help. Being stranded anywhere can be stressful and scary; that’s why Terry’s Auto Service and Towing is available to you for anything from jump starts to flat tire repair. If that’s not an auto shop that you can trust, what is? Whether you are local or long distance, we’re here for you.

One-Stop Shop

We also have a full-service auto shop. If you find yourself in need of car towing and know that repairs will need to be made, you can leave your vehicle with the company that you’ve already trusted to tow your car. If you’re in need of routine maintenance, flat tire repairs, or any need that may pop up for your vehicle, Terry’s Auto Service and Towing is the auto shop that can meet every need; we even offer same day service!


Because we perform such a variety of auto services, we have a lot of repeat customers. Once someone has experienced our excellent customer service, they know that they can trust us with their auto repairs and towing needs. Our loyal customers and reputation incentivize us to do business with integrity. Little is more important to us than our community’s trust.

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