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Benefits of a Local Auto Shop vs. the Dealership

Two Local Auto Shop Mechanics

You may be wondering which is better, taking your vehicle to the local auto shop or the dealership. Find out on the Terry’s Auto Service and Towing blog.

The differences between your local auto shop and the dealership.

Car maintenance can be a hassle, but if you want your vehicle to continue to run smoothly you have to keep the oil changed and make sure all components are in good working condition. To ensure this, you can either take your car to the dealership where people understand your specific make and model, or to your local auto shop where mechanics work on a wide range of cars and trucks. Here are a few reasons why one location may be better than the other depending on your situation.

If You Need Technical Assistance

The experts who work at the dealership are specialists when it comes to dealing with technical issues. They have the training and knowledge that is needed to work on the most current automobile advancements. If you have a newer model car that has all the latest bells and whistles, you may be better off taking it to the dealership if the problem is tech related. Your local mechanic may be able to solve the problem as well, but his staff may not have the expertise to work on the latest high-tech enhancements. Plus it may cost you extra for them to order the supplies that they will need to repair your car.

Personal Relationships and Dependability

When it comes to someone working on your car, you want an individual who can be dependable, trustworthy and honest. You usually can’t get that type of personal service when you take your car to your dealership. However, when you visit your local auto shop that has been in town for several years, it is likely that you already know the owner and his employees. You know their work and you have heard how well they take care of the cars owned by other people within your community. Even if the price of repairs may be more expensive, sometimes you can’t put a price tag on the level of trust that you can get from your local garage.

Convenience and Location

Your local garage is just that…local. You could be at your neighborhood auto shop within 10 minutes of leaving your house whereas driving several miles down the road to your dealership in mid-day traffic could take close to an hour. Save yourself some time by taking your car to a local mechanic and avoid the interstate traffic jams.

Car owners have several choices when it comes to auto maintenance and repair. They can choose to take their car to their neighborhood auto shop down the street, or drive to the dealership where they originally purchased the car to have it checked out there.

At Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, we know you want to always choose the best option for your vehicle that will leave you with quality results and a price that is within your budget. That is why we want to provide you with the pros and cons of going to either an auto shop or a dealership so that you can make the best decision.

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