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Auto Shop Advice: Ways to Decrease Motorcycle Accidents

Auto Shop Motorcycles

Motorcycles are fast, fun, and can be dangerous. Read Terry’s Auto Service and Towing blog to learn auto shop tips on how to reduce motorcycle accidents.

A few auto shop tips on how all of us can help reduce the amount of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycles are not only a form of transportation but they can be used as a sport, hobby, or just as something fast and fun to ride on. Because motorcycles are small and fast, they can be hard to see. Due to their size and speed, motorcycles tend to get into a lot of fatal accidents or potentially life threatening situations. Here are a few auto shop tips on what we can do to decrease motorcycle accidents.

Proper Education

The first auto shop tip is to make sure you receive proper education so that you are fully prepared. Some individuals begin riding their motorcycle without taking any classes. Proper education would include learning about different types of motorcycles, how a motorcycle works, how to ride a motorcycle, and safety training. These are all important pieces of information that you might not be able to learn without an instructor.


Another auto shop tip is to remain focused. This goes for anyone driving a vehicle. If everyone is focused on driving and paying attention to other vehicles, a lot of accidents can be avoided. If you are riding a motorcycle, pay attention to other cars and pick up on signs of people who might cut you off or might not see you. If you are driving another type of vehicle, you must also pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of the location of motorcycles.

Look Twice

You have probably seen “look twice” bumper stickers at least once in your lifetime. This is very good advice that our auto shop also recommends. Sometimes, motorcycles can be in our blind spots and since they are a smaller vehicle, they can be hard to see. Make sure that you are sure there is no vehicle you can cut off when your are crossing lanes.

Increase Visibility

Another auto shop tip is to increase your visibility. If possible, purchase a motorcycle that stands out in color or wear brightly colored gear. Also make sure to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Avoid riding too closely and avoid being in blind spots for too long.

Be Safe

Here is the most obvious auto shop advice – be safe. This means use turn signals which would include using your hand as a clarifying signal. This also means that you need to watch your speed. Riding a motorcycle is very fun and exhilarating. Sometimes we want to go very fast or don’t realize how our speed will effect moves and turns. Know your safety guidelines and know what to do if you get put into a potentially dangerous situation.

When in Doubt

The last auto shop advice is that when you are in doubt, just don’t. If you are trying to cross traffic and you are not sure if you will be able to make it or not, just don’t. If you are going to switch lanes but you think someone might be in your blind spot, just don’t.

Have Your Local Auto Shop Repair Your Motorcycle

Terry’s Auto Service and Towing is a local auto shop that can help you with your needs if you ever get into a motorcycle accident. We can assist with motorcycle towing and any of your necessary repairs. Contact us today and let us be your be your full service auto shop.

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