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Roadside Assistance: Winching and Recovery

Terry’s auto roadside assistance

Terry's Auto Service & Towing offers affordable, reliable roadside assistance. If you're in a bind, we are available. Check out our blog for more details.

If you need reliable roadside assistance, look no further than Terry’s Auto Service & Towing.

Many vehicle owners have experienced the frustration of their vehicles becoming stuck in a ditch or snow bank. If you’re lucky enough to have avoided this modern inconvenience so far, it’s likely that your vehicle will become stuck at one point or another. You may slide off a slick road, swerve to avoid colliding with an oncoming car, or end up in a ditch; there are other situations where you’ll need a bit of help retrieving your car.

Winching is one of the easiest and most common ways to retrieve a stuck car. Well-equipped towing and recovery services like Terry’s Auto Service & Towing can provide prompt, reliable roadside assistance to those in need. Here’s a brief overview of winching; we’ve included what it involves, when it may be necessary, and whether or not it’s safe for your vehicle.

Winching is a roadside assistance staple that involves pulling a car from a precarious position with a strong cable and motorized axle. A professional roadside assistance service like Terry’s Auto will hook a heavy-duty tow cable to a safe and stable location on your car’s undercarriage. Where the cable is hooked may depend on several factors like the condition of your car and how accessible the undercarriage is in its present situation. Once the car is secured to the cable, a hydraulic or electric motor pulls the cable toward the truck, slowly and safely pulling your vehicle out of the ditch, snow bank, or other precarious position.

Winching may be necessary when other methods of vehicle recovery and roadside assistance fail or are unsafe. Most wrecker services will attempt to use conventional towing methods before resorting to winching a vehicle out of a dangerous situation. When vehicles are stuck on steep inclines or in dangerous conditions such as floods or having suffered severe damage, it may be safer and easier to attach a tow cable and winch the vehicle to safety rather than towing or driving it out.

Winching is a safe and effective method of vehicle recovery that most roadside assistance services offer. Trained professional roadside assistance workers will have the expertise and skill to retrieve your vehicle by winching without damaging the undercarriage or your vehicle. In some cases, winching is easier and safer than traditional towing or recovery methods.

Roadside Assistance Services at Terry’s Auto

If you need professional winching or roadside assistance services in Springfield, MO, call Terry’s Auto Service & Towing for help. Our trained and professional roadside assistance professionals will respond right away.

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