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Bad Weather Safety and Towing in Springfield, MO

Towing in springfield mo for bad weather

If you're in need of towing in Springfield, MO, Terry's Auto Service & Towing can help you – especially in bad weather. Read more right here on our blog.

Terry’s Auto Service & Towing Springfield, MO, has some tips for your safety during bad weather.

One of the worst places to be when severe weather strikes is in your car. Vehicles of any size are subject to damage by powerful straight-line winds, hail, ice, and debris, especially in areas like our hometown of Springfield, MO. It’s important to practice safe driving and maneuvering during these conditions. But when accidents do happen, there are a few things you should be sure to do while waiting for towing in Springfield, MO.


Even thunderstorms that aren’t quite severe can produce excessive rainfall in a very short period of time. Low-lying roads and bridges can become covered with water quickly, and it’s nearly impossible to tell how high the water is. Avoid areas where water is covering the roads, even if it looks passable. Many vehicles are washed away every year when drivers underestimate the strength of floodwater currents. If your car does become stuck or flooded, immediately call Terry’s for emergency towing in Springfield, MO.


Severe thunderstorms can produce devastating straight-line winds. These can be as strong or even stronger than most tornadoes, and they can overturn vehicles of any size. When driving through exceptionally strong or heavy winds, stop your vehicle as soon as possible, and take shelter inside a building. If your vehicle is damaged in the storm, call Terry’s Auto for immediate towing in Springfield, MO.


Slick roads have been the culprits in plenty of traffic disasters. Even small amounts of ice can cause your tires to lose traction with the road. Especially black ice is an exceptionally dangerous obstacle on slippery roads, and it’s nearly impossible to see. Stay safe by limiting your speed, allowing plenty of stopping space, and using 4-wheel-drive and anti-lock brakes when possible. If your vehicle becomes stuck in a snow bank or ditch, do not attempt to dig it out in extreme temperatures. Hypothermia and frostbite can set in quickly. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing in Springfield, MO, can remove your vehicle safely.

We Offer Reliable Towing in Springfield, MO

No matter the circumstances, it’s important to stay safe while waiting for a tow truck. In extremely cold weather, always keep blankets and extra layers of clothing in your vehicle to stay warm while waiting for a towing service. Flares and flashlights can also help the towing service locate your vehicle in low-visibility situations. In extreme heat, stay hydrated with lots of bottled potable water while waiting for a tow service.

Terry’s Auto Service & Towing will get to you as fast as possible to ensure your safety and the wellbeing of any passengers with you. You can rely on us next time you’re in a sticky situation, no matter the weather.

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