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Common Motorcycle Towing Mistakes

Motorcycle towing for classic bike

When it comes to motorcycle towing, you want someone who knows what they’re doing.

Motorcycle towing always comes with its own set of challenges. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing can make sure your bike is safely, loaded and transported.

With the unique size and somewhat awkward weight distribution that a motorcycle has, towing a bike can be more difficult than you may think. Here are a few of the most common motorcycle towing mistakes that we here at Terry’s Auto Service & Towing work hard to avoid.

Not Using the Right Equipment

There is a large selection of motorcycle towing equipment available that towing companies can use to get your bike where it needs to be. But make sure that you are using the right type of equipment for your own specific bike style. Some bike models are not made to have the wheels move while the engine is not running. So make sure that you know those facts before you decide to tow your motorcycle. If you need to keep your bike up off the road while towing, it is best to go with a flatbed style trailer.

Not Securing the Bike

Motorcycles are not made to stand upright all on their own. Therefore, they need special straps to keep them secure while towing. You want to make sure you bike is safe throughout all the bumps and vibrations involved in motorcycle towing. So professionals use strong straps and several of them, depending on your bike’s size. Any reliable towing company should strap the handlebars toward the front tire and make sure that the rear tire is secured using a strap that is near the seat. They should then take up the slack and tighten them so that the front suspension bottoms out and prevents the bike from moving.

Not Leaving Enough Room

No matter how secure your bike may be, it will still move slightly during travel. Make sure your motorcycle towing company leaves enough room for your bike to move slightly while on the go. They should leave about six inches past the handlebars to ensure that it doesn’t bump into anything. They should also want to leave about the same amount of space in the rear of the bike as well.

Not Checking the Tire Pressure

If your towing company is using a trailer to tow your motorcycle, and it hasn’t been used in a while, then they should have checked the tire pressure beforehand. Hauling around a loaded trailer with low tires can be dangerous because tires that are not inflated can produce more friction. This may lead to blow outs or a rollover. Therefore, you should always make sure your motorcycle towing company maintains the tire pressure on their tow trucks and hauling trailers, as well as check them for visible wear as well.

Motorcycle Towing with Terry’s Auto Service & Towing

When you are in need of professional motorcycle towing services, there is only one place to call. Terry’s Auto Service and Towing is your number one Springfield towing provider, because we understand the importance of getting your bike back home safely. Our crew knows how to avoid these and other common motorcycle towing mistakes so that you can get your bike back on the road as soon as possible. We also offer 24 hour towing services, roadside assistance and flat tire repair. Call us here at Terry’s Auto Service & Towing whenever you are in need of a lift.

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