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Top Reasons for Car Towing ​and Breakdowns

broken down car waiting on car towing

Breakdowns and car towing happens quite often. Here’s why.

Your car will break down. We’re not trying to be overly negative, but it’s just one of those things that happens to everyone. You can keep your car serviced, treat it well, and may still decide to act like a fickle teenager. Here are the top reasons our auto shop sees for breakdowns and car towing.

Keys Are Locked Inside

We offer lockout services for exactly this reason. Even the most diligent person can make a mistake and leave the keys in the car, and it’s always at the most inconvenient times. Although, for some tips on how to avoid locking yourself out, check out this blog post we published a few weeks ago.


This happens a lot with older vehicles in which the tubing is starting to wear out. For newer vehicles, it happens when you forget something like refilling the oil or putting new coolant in at the beginning of the season. Keep your car serviced by our auto shop to make overheating less likely, especially during the hot summer months.

Tire Trouble

We see plenty of car towing issues due to flat tires. Flat tires and blowouts occur when the tires are old, the alignment is off, or if you run over a piece of sharp debris. Change your tires when they wear out and rotate them when the seasons change to decrease the likelihood of a blowout. To avoid having your transportation towed, stow a spare and a jack, then you can change the tire yourself without a tow.

Dead Battery

Maybe the battery is old, maybe it’s dirty, maybe the connections are off, maybe you went to the drive-in movie and accidentally left the car running for an hour and a half – whatever the reason we can provide prompt car towing get it fixed. It’s a good idea to keep some starter cables handy just in case, though.

Starter Motor

Nothing is certain in life and transportation. As long as you get your car serviced regularly, you shouldn’t be left on the side of the road with a car that won’t start, but it still happens. When your car doesn’t start the best option is to call in Terry’s Auto Service and Towing roadside assistance and get it taken care of.

What our car towing services are here for:

No one wants to break down and request a car towing service, but in any case, it’s best to be prepared. We suggest, you keep the contact info for Terry’s Auto Service and Towing saved in your phone, so you won’t need to sweat if you breakdown. You can just dial our number and get it taken care of. We’re certified and ready to do business.

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