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What to Do While Waiting for Wrecker Service

Man waiting for wrecker service on the side of the road

Wrecker service is on the way, but take these simple steps to stay safe in the meantime.

Once you have called a wrecker service, follow these tips while waiting for the professional technicians to arrive. We want you to stay safe while waiting!

Few things are as physically dangerous, emotionally traumatic, and financially burdensome as a car accident. Even if you are involved in a relatively minor fender-bender or had your tire flattened by an unfortunately placed pothole, sitting dazed and frustrated by the side of the road as you wait for wrecker service is never fun. However, following these easy steps will have you well prepared in such an event.

Safety Tips From the Wrecker Service Specialists

Provided your vehicle is still drivable, try to navigate onto the shoulder, as far as possible from heavy traffic. If for some reason you are unable to pull your car to a position that’s comfortably away from traffic, you should exit your car from the passenger side. Make sure your hazard lights are on, and if you have an emergency roadside kit, you can surround your vehicle with reflective triangles or flares from it. Your wrecker service will find you more easily and have more room to operate if you take these measures.

When you speak with the dispatcher from the wrecker service, request the license plate number of the tow truck as well as the driver’s name. Verify this information upon arrival so you know you’re dealing with a legitimate company.

Once these tasks are completed, it is best to remain inside your car where you’re sheltered from the elements. Exercise caution when dealing with other motorists. If someone other than a trusted friend or family member tries to offer assistance, it’s a good idea to stay inside the vehicle as you wait for the wrecker service.

Look around the interior of your vehicle and gather the things you will need when the wrecker service arrives. These typically include license, registration and insurance information. Of course, you’ll want to take any other important personal items from inside the car before it is towed.

Springfield Towing Professionals You Can Trust

Terry’s Auto Service and Towing knows accidents and car trouble can happen at any time. Our 24-hour towing service means you’ll never be waiting for long, though. Whether your car is totaled or you just need flat tire repair, just give us a call and one of our friendly dispatchers will have a wrecker service technician headed your way.

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