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Summer Driving and Maintenance Tips from Terry’s Auto Service and Towing

Couple driving in car maintained by terry’s auto service and towing

Have fun and stay safe with these tips from Terry’s Auto Service and Towing.

Summer is now quickly approaching and we want you to stay safe on the road. Read these driving and maintenance tips before bringing your car into our shop.

We spend a lot of time worrying about winterizing our automobiles for the cold weather months, but there are things to do to prepare for the thaw-out as well. With summer vacations and so many warm weather excursions on the horizon, Terry’s Auto Service and Towing wants to make sure your vehicle is in peak condition.

Summer Maintenance Checklist From Terry’s Auto Service and Towing

When temperatures climb, engines run the risk of overheating. Check your engine coolant weekly to ensure the fluid level remains consistent. If the coolant fluid level drops, make sure the the cap is tight and there are no cracks in the tank. If you find none, then it’s time to visit Terry’s Auto Service and Towing for a checkup.

When your cooling fan is running properly, it should prevent the engine from overheating. If the cooling fan malfunctions, however, it can cause the coolant to boil, wreaking havoc on the engine. The fan should kick on when the engine reaches a predetermined temperature, usually somewhere between 200 and 220 degrees. The fan should activate whenever the car is traveling at a low speed or sitting still because there’s no air passing through the radiator. If the car idles for five minutes and the fan doesn’t come on, there might be a problem. If you turn the AC on but the cooling fan doesn’t activate with it, that could also mean there’s an issue. Bring it to Terry’s Auto Service and Towing for full diagnostics.

Speaking of air conditioning, you want to make sure this system is running optimally for the summer. Additionally, check to see that the air filter is clear. These filters keep dirt, pollen and other aggravating particulates out of your vehicle. For a cool, comfortable ride, change out your air filter annually. If your air conditioning needs a tune-up, bring it to Terry’s Auto Service and Towing.

Summer Driving Tips From Terry’s Auto Service and Towing

It’s still important to remain diligent on the roadways, even when the ice and snow have long since melted away.

Rising temperatures can increase the chance of a blowout, so keep the number to Terry’s Auto Service and Towing handy in case you need flat tire repair.

With students off for the summer and families embarking on vacations, highways can quickly become congested.

Keep an eye out for motorcycles and bikes, always more prevalent in summer.

Warm weather also means more road construction, so be mindful of these work zones as well.

Offering a state-of-the-art auto shop, 24-hour towing and roadside assistance, Terry’s Auto Service and Towing is here to help you beat the heat this summer.

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