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Tow Trucks for Truck and Car Towing

tow truck used for truck and car towing

Learn about the different kinds of tow trucks for truck and car towing.

Are you curious about all the different kinds of tow trucks that are used for truck, motorcycle, and car towing? The experts at Terry’s Auto tell all here.

Whether the family car is stuck in a ditch or your heavy-duty pickup is sitting disabled by the side of the road, the tow truck dispatched to the scene will likely fall into one of three classifications.

The flatbed tow truck is most common. Sometimes referred to as rollback tow trucks, these wreckers are equipped with a hydraulics system that allows the flatbed to be tilted into a ramp. The damaged vehicle can simply drive aboard. Then, the hydraulics system brings the bed level again. If necessary, a winch can be used to pull a completely unresponsive vehicle or boat onto the bed. Flatbed tow trucks are generally favored for car towing because they can transport disabled vehicles quickly without causing further damage.

Hook and chain tow trucks, sometimes called sling trucks, have largely fallen out of favor and are typically only used to haul thoroughly wrecked vehicles. Chains are wrapped around the axle and frame of the wrecked automobile, and the tow truck drags it off to the shop. This method of car towing is far less popular because it is likely to cause additional scratches and structural damage.

Wheel-lift tow trucks are similar to the hook and chain trucks, but they are considered a much better option for car towing. A metal yoke equipped with a pneumatic or hydraulic system lifts one end of the disabled vehicle off the ground. This, along with the absence of chains, allows it to tow without causing more damage.

Beyond Routine Car Towing

Not all jobs are created equal, and for that reason, tow trucks also come in varying sizes. Light duty wreckers are strong enough for nearly all car towing tasks. They can also haul most light trucks. Medium and heavy duty wreckers, on the other hand, are built to do the heavy lifting. When a heavy duty pickup, semi-truck, tractor trailer or bus is involved in an accident, medium and heavy duty wreckers are dispatched to provide the extra muscle.

Your Springfield, MO car towing experts, Terry’s Auto Service and Towing has a fleet to handle any job. Whether it’s flat tire repair, motorcycle towing, car or semi-truck towing, our services are available around the clock. The next time you’re in need of roadside assistance in or around Springfield, give us a call at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing.

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