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5 Characteristics of a Reputable Auto Shop

Terry’s auto shop

Need a good auto shop? Here’s what you should look for.

Finding a reputable auto shop can be difficult, especially when you’re unfamiliar with an area. Here are 5 things to look for when hiring an auto service.

Most people have at least one horror story of dealing with a shifty mechanic. You take your vehicle in for a simple oil change. Next thing you know, the mechanic is uncovering a host of previously undetected problems, problems that may or may not really exist. Phantom mechanical issues and hidden charges can quickly add up, and you certainly want to avoid spending money unnecessarily. Finding an auto shop you can consistently turn to for honest pricing and quality service is a must.

Finding an Honest Auto Shop

An auto shop is only as good as the mechanics who work there. They should be Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified and well versed in handling vehicles of all makes and models. Communication skills are every bit as important as technical know-how. A good mechanic can explain your engine in terms you can understand, without relying heavily on industry jargon. Finally, a good mechanic won’t invent problems for the sake of driving up your bill. A trustworthy mechanic will fix only what’s broken, resolving the issue in a thorough and time-efficient manner.

Since so many of us rely on motor vehicles for getting to and from work and transporting our families, word of mouth can go a long way in determining whether an auto shop is trustworthy or not. Similarly, because so many of us have our own nightmare mechanic stories, a sub-par auto shop shouldn’t be able to escape the negative public opinion. Just do your research. Consult your friends and family members. Read customer service reviews on websites like Yelp and Facebook. It shouldn’t take long to separate the good from the bad.

A free second opinion program is one of the hallmarks of a reputable auto shop. It means a mechanic will examine the written estimate you received from a competitor to make sure it’s fair and accurate. As a customer, this is a great way to gain peace of mind in knowing your car will soon be running safely and you won’t be getting stiffed. It may also result in you finding a new auto shop.

A reputable auto shop will also offer extended warranties on its work. It is reasonable to expect a 12,000-mile guarantee or 12-month warranty on services rendered. Some auto shops will even guarantee work to be completed within a specified time span.

Finally, the best auto shops encourage customer loyalty through special offers and incentives. Free oil changes, discounted services, free multi-point inspections on new and pre-owned vehicles are a few of the ways an auto shop can earn your repeat business.

Offering an expertly staffed auto shop and 24-hour towing in Springfield, Terry’s Auto Service and Towing is eager to earn your lifelong business. Stop by or give us a call for any of your automotive needs.

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