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Terry’s Auto Service and Towing On Engine Knocking

Terry’s Auto Service and Towing explains what engine knocking is, and how you can fix it.

Engine Knocking is a car term that gets thrown around a lot. That’s why we at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing have taken the time to discuss what it means.

You’re hanging out with a group of friends, discussing cars when somebody mentions engine knocking. You nod your head and smile as if you know very well what engine knocking means. The only thing is, you really don’t know what it means. But don’t worry, there are plenty of people who are in the same shoes as you. That’s why we at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing have taken the time to discuss not only what engine knocking means, but also how you can fix it. We discuss the finer points below.

What is Engine Knocking?

According to, engine knocking is an abnormal sound produced by a vehicle engine when when there’s a problem with the controlling of fuel/air mixture within the engine cylinders. The sound will typically occur when a vehicle is idling – it can be faint or strong. If it’s the latter, Terry’s Auto Service and Towing recommends you take it into an auto shop immediately. If you don’t, irreversible damage to the engine could ensue.

Reasons for Engine Knocking

There’s one big reason engine knocking occurs: the timing in your engine’s rotation is off. (Now it gets a little more complicated.) And while the reason for engine knocking ultimately comes down to an abnormality in your engine’s rotation, there are many things that could cause the engine’s timing to be askew. Some of those things are: improperly mixed fuel, overheating, low coolant levels, and improper gasoline octane, among other things.

How to Fix Engine Knocking

One good thing about engine knocking is that sometimes, you can fix the problem yourself. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, please bring your vehicle into Terry’s Auto Service and Towing to have it serviced. Otherwise, below are two methods that can help you accomplish the task.

Use a Detergent

The cylinder walls on your vehicle can be prone to collecting carbon deposits. If this happens, problems can occur and cause knocking. In order to help prevent against knocking, add detergent to your your fuel (while most fuels come with some detergent, adding extra can’t hurt). Consult with your auto shop, or come see us at Terry’s Auto Service and Towing to see what kind of detergent is best for you and your engine.

Check Spark Plugs

Another way to prevent knocking is by checking and changing your spark plugs. This can be especially useful if adding detergent to the fuel doesn’t help. Need spark plug assistance? You know where to come.

Terry’s Auto Service and Towing Can Take Care of Your Engine Knocking

With the help of the information above, you can now return to that riveting conversation you and your friends were having about the subject. Except now you can get a couple words in. But if you still feel as though you don’t know what engine knocking is, or don’t have the ability to fix the problem yourself, come by Terry’s Auto Service and Towing. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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