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About our Affordable Towing Services in Springfield, MO

affordable towing with Terry's Auto

We offer affordable towing – anywhere, anytime.

When you need a tow truck, don't worry about the towing costs. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing offers affordable towing services to the Springfield, MO area.

When you’re looking for a tow truck, often your biggest concern is price. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing offers affordable and dependable towing for all types of vehicles. Terry’s fleet includes flatbed, light, medium, and heavy tow trucks for all of your towing needs. If you’re stuck, we also offers winching services to help retrieve your vehicle from a sticky (or slippery) spot.

Find Affordable Towing at Terry’s Auto Service & Towing

Because we also have our own auto shop, you can be sure that both your towing and repairs will be fairly priced. We offer basic car maintenance services, such as flat tire repair, oil changes, and other regular maintenance. The majority of repairs performed by Terry’s Auto Service & Towing are finished same-day at a fraction of the price of what dealerships or corporate auto repair shops would charge for the same repairs.

We won’t try to sell you parts or services you don’t need, as customer service is our number one priority. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing prides itself on customer satisfaction and we’ll even pick up your vehicle from anywhere in the US. While this may not be the most affordable option for customers, it shows the dedication that each of our company offers each customer.

We even offer free shuttle service from our auto shop to give customers the opportunity to return to work or home rather than waiting in a waiting room all day. This is just one more way that Terry’s provides affordable service. Cutting out the cost of a cab or the lost wages of a missed day at work can help to save the money you’d lose if you went with other towing services.

When calling Terry’s Auto Service & Towing, be sure to let us know what kind of vehicle you’re driving. That way we can help you to choose the least expensive option that will work for your vehicle. We know how stressful towing, auto repairs, and roadside assistance can be on a driver. This is why we offer 24 hour towing and same-day service for most maintenance and repairs.

With experienced tow truck drivers who can tow anything from your delicate motorcycle to your heavy big rig, Terry’s Auto Service & Towing is a great choice for any driver. Our flatbed trucks won’t damage your bumpers and our experts know how to expertly tow your RWD or 4WD vehicles without ruining the drive shaft. We provides affordable service and fantastic quality day or night.

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