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Motorcycle Towing and Roadside Assistance

Many towing companies offer towing for cars, but we offer motorcycle towing as well.

Many car towing companies are willing to tow just about any vehicle, however when it comes to motorcycles, you want to be sure that whatever towing company you call knows how to properly load a motorcycle onto a flatbed. Without the proper equipment and tie-downs, your motorcycle may end up on its side - or worse - behind the tow truck in the middle of the road. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing will care for your bike like it’s their own.

Many motorcyclists wouldn’t trust anyone else to load their bike onto a flatbed. However, Terry’s Auto Service & Towing will come prepared when you call them - day or night - to come tow your motorcycle. If you find yourself in a lurch on the side of the road, we’ll will show up no matter the hour and help to get you and your bike back to town. No leaving your bike to be picked up later!

Our experienced tow drivers will bring enough ratchet straps to be sure your bike stays upright for the entire ride back to town. We know your paint job wasn’t cheap and we won’t let your bike get scratched falling over on the way back to the auto shop.

Roadside assistance can also be provided for motorcycles. If you’ve found yourself out of gas outside of town, Terry’s Auto Service & Towing can help you out by towing you to the nearest gas station or bringing a full gas can to help get you home. Other roadside assistance issues like flat tires, getting stuck in a ditch, or anything else you need assistance with can be taken care of by our experienced staff.

Terry’s Auto Service Motorcycle Towing

Plenty of towing companies are certain to care for your car when called - but Terry’s is able to care for your motorcycle as well. If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with your motorcycle, don’t fret. Be sure to remember Terry’s Auto Service & Towing. You can trust us with your motorcycle or car, day or night. No matter the problem, call us to tow your motorcycle or car or to provide roadside assistance.

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