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Types of Flat Tire Repairs

If you have a damaged tire, it may not need to be replaced entirely. Learn about the various kinds of flat tire repairs.

Oftentimes we discover flat tires while we’re driving – which can be very inconvenient. In many cases, we have to replace a flat tire. However, if you discover that you’ve had a slow leak in your tire for some time, the tire may salvageable. There are ways to repair a flat tire that do not require you to replace the tire right away.

Punctured Tire

If you have a puncture in your tire, this will likely cause your tire to go flat over the course of a relatively long period of time. If you find you have a flat tire but haven’t completely blown the tire out, check the tire for a puncture. You may be lucky to find a nail or similar object still lodged inside it. If you can’t locate an object lodged in your tire, mix up some soap and water and cover the surface of the tire with it. (The soapier the better.) Let the soapy mixture sit on the tire for a while. If bubbles start to appear, the area where the bubbles are appearing is where the puncture is located. Many auto supply stores carry home puncture repair kits, but a local auto shop like Terry’s Auto Service and Towing can also take care of patching a tire puncture for you.

Patching a Flat Tire

Another way to repair a flat tire is to patch the area that is leaking with a special sealant designed for tires. Typically auto shops perform this type of tire repair. Patching a tire requires removing the tire from the wheel and patching the tire from the inside. Many people consider this to be the superior method of tire repair as it allows for closer inspection of the tire as a whole. The patch that is used to repair flat tires is flexible like the rubber the tire is made of and it is very long lasting. Unfortunately, a tire can only be patched so many times. If a tire has more than one or two patches, it’s probably time to replace it.

Replacing a leaking valve

Sometimes all that needs to be done in order to repair a slow leaking tire is to replace the tire valve. Occasionally tire valves begin to leak, causing your tires to lose air more quickly than they do on their own (tires do deflate over time on their own). Most auto shops, including Terry’s Auto Service and Towing, are able to perform this repair relatively easily.

Terry’s Auto Service and Towing Flat Tire Repair

Before you decide to purchase a new tire, see what the staff at Terry’s Auto Service has to say about repairing your current tire. Often tire repairs can even outlast your tire so why buy a new one if it isn’t necessary? Terry’s Auto Service & Towing offers tire repair services among other auto repair services and 24 hour towing. Find out what we can do to save your flat tires today!

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