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Affordable Towing Isn’t the Same as Cheap Towing

Affordable Towing Isn’t Low-Quality

What We Mean by Affordable Towing

When you hear affordable towing, the first word that may come to mind is “cheap” or “low-quality.” This isn’t the case at Terry’s Auto Service & Towing. We want to be an affordable option for our customers, but that doesn't mean we sacrifice quality and customer service to do it. Read on to find out why Terry’s Auto Service breaks the traditional associations people make with the phrase “affordable towing.”

One of the Largest Fleets in Springfield, MO

Terry’s Auto Service & Towing has one of the largest fleets in Springfield, Missouri. With five tow trucks, we are able to get to you quickly and efficiently. You might think that this would raise our prices, but Terry’s Auto Service & Towing believes in giving our customers a great value. Plus, with a larger fleet, we are able to service more customers and cover a wider area. Since this is better for business, we can pass those savings onto you.

Why Quality Matters to Us

Quality customer service matters to us for a number of reasons. The first reason is we’re members of the community, too. We want to give our fellow community members fantastic service and help them out of a tough spot when they need it. No one likes being shocked by the sometimes exorbitant prices of getting a tow. That’s why offering affordable towing is so important to us. We don’t want to take advantage of other members of the community who need help.

The second reason that quality customer service matters so much to us is customer satisfaction. When we give our customers quality service with a smile, we’ll be the first name they think of when they need quality service again! Local businesses thrive on repeat customers, and we’re grateful that our loyal customers choose us every time! This continuous business is another factor that allows us to offer affordable towing services.

Get Affordable Towing at Terry’s Auto Service & Towing

Affordable towing is important to our customers, so it’s important to us. If you’re in need of a tow or roadside assistance, contact Terry’s Auto Service & Towing. We can assist cars, trucks, motorcycles, semi-trucks, and even RVs. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing offers more than just affordable towing services. We also have a fantastic auto shop for affordable repairs

and tune-ups. Terry’s Auto Service & Towing is always ready to offer you fantastic service with a smile. Contact us today or view our website for more information.

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